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The Hellenic Golf Federation (HGF) is the highest golf authority in Greece and is administratively and hierarchically placed under the General Secretariat of Sports.


The main goals / objectives of HGF are the promotion and expansion of golf in the country, the organization of golf competitions held under the HGF auspices and be represented through the national teams in international competitions achieving notable performances.


The Athletic Sport Committee of HGF works closely with the club - members for the promotion and improvement of new players through their club academies and strives to maintain the more experienced athletes at the highest competitive level since those are the ones composing the national teams.


Part of the activities of HGF is also the promotion of the opportunities offered to foreign visitors to explore and play golf in one of the country's golf courses taking advantage of the approximately 300 days of sunshine on a yearly basis. Several tournaments are organised with the assistance of the HGF with participants,  such as The Greek - American diaspora tournament, coming from abroad.


The HGF is member of the following international golf organizations:




The offices of HGF are located in the city of Glyfada.

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